2008, Guangzhou Saftty Electronic Technology Co., Limited was established, at the same year, a factory was invested and setted up in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province
       2011, Established a factory in Xinzao, Panyu, Guangzhou
       2013, Established second factory in Yangzhou
      Saftty is a member of National Technical Standards Committee, patented more than 10 national inventions.
       Saftty specializes in R&D and distributing all kinds of thermal protectors which are widely used in battery packs, motors, pumps, ballasts, transformers, coil, winding, portable power tools, electric heating appliances and home appliances for the over heat and over current protection. The brand “SAFTTY” (short for safety technology) means: providing safe products to customers; providing secure working environment to staffs; and providing steady investment return to shareholders.
       Saftty has set up the test laboratory in Guangzhou and with engineers more than 15 years’ R&D experiences and a group of high-quality salesman, production management and technical support personnel providing total solutions of overheat and over-current protection to customers.

       Saftty strictly controls the quality of products and offer safe and reliable temperature control products to customers. Electronic materials are all imported from the United States, Germany and Japan. We strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 system. Products of Saftty have approval of CQC, UL, TUV and VDE certification.
       We provide fast and expert service to customers that we require standard samples to be sent out intraday and customized samples to be sent out within one week. The delivery time for large order is two weeks. During the production period, we will keep in touch with customer and let them know the progress. Meanwhile, we have large stock for regular models for timely shipment. Together with the salesman, we also have technicians who provide tech support such as model selection, product usage and test for customers.