Automated Production

Automated Production

Automated production is the current and future trend. Automated production of products not only has high reliability, but also greatly reduces manufacturing costs. Since 2012, we have invested a lot of manpower and capital to automate the transformation of the production line. At present, we have 16 automated production lines with six product series of thermal protectors ST01, ST06, ST07, BW-B, BW-D, and BW-E. The total production capacity is 70 million pieces, and the specific distribution is shown on the right.

Series Automated Production Line Automation Rate Of Each Process Monthly Capacity Capacity Utilization
ST01 Three 70% 1.2 million pieces 80%
ST06 One 70% 400,000 pieces 60%
ST07 One 90% 500,000 pieces 70%
BW-B Five 80% 2 million pieces 75%
BW-D Four 80% 1 million pieces 80%
BW-E Two 80% 500,000 pieces





Automation equipment includes bimetal sheet forming and sorting, bimetal sheet welding, contact riveting, contact welding, fixing bracket riveting, temperature adjustment, component riveting, microphone assembly, lead welding, lead soldering, epoxy filling , Epoxy coating, temperature test, etc. Among them, the ST01 automation equipment is an equipment independently developed and implemented by Ann in 2016. The parts of this equipment have a dimensional accuracy of plus or minus 0.02mm, which requires extremely high positioning. The thickness of some parts is only 0.007mm. The front and back, feeding, sorting, grabbing and other links are very difficult. After more than a year of research and development, we and our partners have overcome many technical problems and have our own intellectual property rights. We have realized the first domestic independent research and development to replace foreign countries. Imported button-type product automation line.



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