Applications of Motor Thermal Protector in Water Pump Industry

Water pumps are used throughout the world in supplying water to industrial, agricultural, and residential domains. Water pumps have many important and indispensable components, while the motor thermal protector is widely used in water pumps for protection purposes. The motor thermal protectors are usually set in fractional electric motors, transformers, coils, and sensors of water pumps for overheat protection. A motor thermal protector is an efficient components to detect over-heating and over-current problems when water pumps are in operation.

Why Do Water Pumps Need Motor Thermal Protectors?

Water pumps belong to the high-power machine. Their motor easily leads to heat in the operation process is because of mechanical failure, winding unbalance, overload, and other reasons. When the water pump’s motor overheats but does not stop working in time, it can easily break down as a result. So what are the benefits of motor thermal protectors to water pumps?

1. Making Water Pumps More High Effective and Durable

The well-designed and high-quality thermal overload protectors are manufactured with great accuracy and precision, which are very temperature sensitive, and have high thermal conductivity. When the pump overheats, the motor thermal protector reacts immediately to stop the pump’s motor until it cools down to normal conditions. In addition, it greatly protects the water pump, which prolongs its service life and improves its working efficiency.

2. Saving Time and Cost in Maintaining Water Pumps

Whether for household demand or industrial use, replacing a water pump is a time-consuming and costly project. It is especially for municipal projects, such as water pump replacements for fire protection or urban water systems, which often cause inconvenience to people’s lives. Those water pumps that have been fitted with high-quality motor thermal protectors are not prone to direct damage due to overheating during operation. Durable and long-lasting pumps save time and money on maintenance.

How Do Motor Thermal Protectors Help Water Pumps?

The thermal protector is very beneficial for the water pumps due to their small size, compact structure, and easily embedded into a small structure inside the coil. These are very temperature sensitive and have high thermal conductivity.

The well-designed motor thermal protectors have good performance, such as Saftty’s ST07 series.

The core material of ST07 is a copper-nickel alloy bimetal. When the environment reaches the Operating temperature, its bimetal disc will bend and deform to cut off the circuit, forming protection.  It automatically resets when the temperature drops, allowing the circuit to turn back on, effectively protecting the water pumps.


Advantages of Saftty ST06/ST07 Series Thermal Protector

ST06 and ST07 series thermal protector are the star models from Saftty, which have excellent water pumps protection. The prominent advantages as below:

                                                           ST06 Series (Big Current, Rated Current 10A):

thermal switch normally closed

1. These protectors have a miniature size and have no current heat effects.

2. They respond to the temperature accurately and are very temperature sensitive.

3. These motor thermal protectors can easily stabilize the pressure and compact.

4. The thermal protector switch can easily bear up to 50Kg coil shaping pressure.

5. They can reconnect the circuit and automatically reset them as the temperature drops.


ST07 Series (Big Current, Rated Current 10A):

1. The products are checked on modern equipment of individual temperature.

2. The famous USA engineer material system makes the material of snap-action disc.

3. They have a long cycle with repeatable temperature performance.

4. The gasket steel cases are suitable for most impregnation processes.

5. They have a wide selection of leads and insulating sleeves.


Final Words:

The motor thermal protector is useful and necessary for water pumps industry. And it is significant to choose quality motor thermal protection from a trusted supplier. Saftty has been considered as the pioneer in the industry of thermal protection. Many big organizations have selected Saftty as their first choice for the best bimetallic thermal switches. Saftty is famous for its creative mind and ability to integrate and execute with more than ten national patents. In addition to the application in water pumps, the thermal overload protectors are also widely used in the products of permanent split capacitor motors, vacuum cleaners, recessed lighting fixtures, etc. We at Saftty, provide you with premium-quality motor thermal protectors manufactured with advanced technology, high reliability & safety. Contact us for more information!

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