Everything You Should Know About Thermal Protector in Hair Straightener

A hair straightener is a popular hair styling tool as it can turn curly and frizzy hair into sleek and shiny hair. These straighteners are designed to use heat to straighten the hair, but there are chances that people could end up burning their hair, particularly if they use a hair straightener daily. For this reason, it’s important to choose a hair straightener that has a thermal protector as it protects hair from heat-related damage.

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The Importance of Thermal Protectors in Hair Straighteners

A majority of people would choose a more economical and convenient solution, which is investing in a hair straightener with a thermal overload protector. Such straighteners are designed with a thermal protector switch, so you can turn them on according to your preference. There are also other benefits of using a thermal protector-integrated hair straightener.

  1. A Thermal Conductivity

A hair straightener is an electronic tool, which means it uses the electric current to power up, produce heat, and straighten the hair. However, there are people who have voltage fluctuation issues with the electrical connections, and that brings us to the use of a thermal protector. This is because these protectors are designed with a reliable thermal conductivity that helps control the current.

  1. High-Thermal Conductivity

The second benefit of using a thermal protector is the higher thermal conductivity. This conductivity plays an essential role in optimizing the heating capacity. For instance, it allows quicker heating up of the straightener to ensure an efficient hair straightening experience. In addition, when turned off, it ensures quicker cooling of the tool.

  1. High-Temperature Sensitivity

In terms of the high-temperature sensitivity, we all know that if the hair straightener is not sensitive to the high temperature, it will burn the components inside the products, and it’s dangerous to the surroundings. Therefore, the users need tools with high-temperature sensitivity, and adding a thermal protector can enhance the sensitivity. As a result, the heating performance enhances without compromising on your safety because the temperature is optimized.

The Regular Use of Saftty’s Thermal Protectors ST01 HT & ST06 HT in Hair Straighteners

All in all, it’s needless to say that a thermal protector is essential for hair straighteners, and Saftty provides top-tier thermal protectors for hair straighteners. That’s because we specialize in manufacturing and research & development of microthermal protectors, which are suitable for hair straighteners as well as power tools, windings, coils, fans, water pumps, transformers, electric motors, heating appliances, and battery packs. Saftty has designed  ST01 HT & ST06 HT thermal protectors, which are the best solution for hair straighteners, and we are going to share a lot about them.

ST01 HT & ST06 HT

  • ST01 HT

It’s a pure temperature action type product, the feature of the bimetal sheet without current and heat effect ensures the control of accurate temperature. ST01 HT equipped with a metal case can bear up to 50KG coil shaping pressure, which has high thermal conductivity and temperature sensitivity. Therefore, it promises on-point temperature control, making another reason to use it for the hair straighteners to make sure the hair doesn’t burn.

The  outstanding features of the ST01 HT include:

  • Contact: Silver-nickel alloy- Long lifetime, over-current capability.
  • Spring: Beryllium copper imported from Japan –  Good elasticity.
  • Case: The metal case ensures better thermal conduction – The precision is within 0.02mm, and the thickness of silver is plated on the surface up to 3um.
  • ST06 HT

This thermal protector is designed with a three-phase configuration, which promises reliable airtightness and compact design, making it suitable to be installed in the sleek body of a hair straightener. Given the metal shell, it promises higher sensitivity to temperature and more thermal conductivity – the metal can tolerate over 50kg pressure for coil shaping. There are chips that prevent the passage of current to ensure there is zero current-based heating effect and offer accurate temperature control.

Customers choose ST06 HT due to the following reasons:

  • Contact: made of silver-nickel alloy, with a large contact area, good cooling performance, long lifetime,and over-current capability.
  • Metal dome: Stainless steel imported from Japan, with good elasticity and long lifetime.
  • Case: Brass, CNC machining, high precision, good thermal conduction

The ST06 HT series are commonly used in  electric motors, transformers, coils, water pumps, and sewage pumps.

Wrapping Up

All in all, thermal protectors are critical for hair straighteners as they not only help protect the tool from voltage fluctuations but keep the hair from burning down. Saftty is one of the best companies for people who want to purchase a reliable thermal protector for curating hair styling tools. We have been around since 2008 to provide safe products to clients and have all the necessary certifications available.


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