Everything You Should Know About Thermal Protector Switch for Battery Pack

Thermal protector switches are used to protect electric motors, fans, transformers, reactors, and lithium industry power tools from overheating that occurs due to the internal friction between the conducting materials. The thermal protector switch monitors the compressor case temperature and ensures that it is reduced when it reaches a set point from the electrical circuit to the compressor.

The thermal protector switch is among the most crucial components of numerous devices. Additionally, as battery packs are more likely to overheat, manufacturers make sure to include premium thermal protector switches in them. Keep on reading to find out more about this handy feature!


Causes of Battery Pack Overheating

There are several reasons why the battery pack starts to overheat during use.

  • Onepossibility is that the battery has a short circuit, which can occur when it comes in contact with metal. The battery will soon start to discharge after a short circuit and heat up due to the swift current flow.

  • Likewise, if the battery was kept somewhere with other metallic material, it’s possible that the metal objects formed a bridge between the battery’s negative and positive poles.

But in the end, the main causes of battery pack overheating remain lithium battery overcharge/overdischarge and battery short circuit. The reasons can be countless and, at times, unpredictable too. Until the installation of trustworthy and high-quality thermal protector switches, battery packs without internal support remained largely at risk of serious damage. That’s why the thermal protector switch is necessary to safeguard the battery pack and extend its life duration.


The Protection Mechanism of the Thermal Protector in the Battery Pack

A thermal switch is an electromechanical device that responds to changes in temperature by opening and closing contacts to control the flow of electrical current. However, the thermal overheat protector switches have a fixed set point temperature which is set at the factory and cannot be changed anymore.

As the active and passive layers have different expansion coefficients, the bimetal bends and deforms as the temperature rises. The bimetal’s shape will return when the temperature does, creating a switch that closes and opens in response to temperature fluctuations.

Common Features of A Thermal Protector Switch

Due to frequent overheating, the snap action thermal switch responds quickly to prevent fires or damage to battery packs. To be able to do so efficiently, every thermal protector switch must have the following features:


  • Insulation Case

An impregnation-resistant thermal protector must be sealed in order to be effective. To make it secure, it is enclosed in an insulation case.

  • Small Size and Easy to Fix

The battery packs benefit greatly from the thermal protector switch because of its small size, compact design, and ease of integration into any device. They are simple to mount on electronics and do not have a complicated structure. Furthermore, the BW-BCP thermal protector switch from Saftty can be made with PIN pins for cusyomers to solder directly to the PCB

  • High Thermal Conductivity and Temperature Sensitivity

One of the most important components of any resettable thermal switch is a solid understanding of thermal energy conduction and the temperature it should hold. The battery pack with a thermal protector switch has the greatest design flexibility and application because of its maximum thermal conduction and temperature sensitivity.

Get Your Hands on a Trusted Battery Pack Thermal Protector Switch

Saftty has launched its new series, i.e., the BW-B Series. The thermal switches are intended to come into contact with your rechargeable batteries. These snap action thermal switches can open the charging circuit if the battery pack becomes too hot while being charged until the pack cools down.

Besides that, the BW-B Series offers several advantages for your product:


  • In relation to thermal switches, it has a strong insulating case which effectively fulfills the key role of guaranteeing good heat conduction from the surrounding area to the thermal switch.

  • This series of the Saftty thermal protector switchhas a small size with a height of 4.6mm and a diameter of 8.9mm or 6.7mm and 10mm.

  • The BW-B thermal protector series stands out from others due to its precise temperature control and features like a bimetal disc without a current or heat effect.

  • Saftty is the safest option for all battery packs because it has all prestigious certifications, including CQC, UL, VDE, TUV, CB, and KC.

Saftty: Leading Manufacturer of Thermal Protector Switch in China

Saffty is the go-to manufacturer of thermal protector switches for 30+ countries worldwide. We provide high-quality product safety solutions to customers and customer’s customers.

Furthermore, our research and development team has created a wide choice of thermal overload protectors from which you can choose the best one for your product. Furthermore, you can incorporate this essential element in various devices such as electric motors, spinning electric machines of domestic appliances, household electric heating appliances, and lighting appliances.


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