How Saftty Thermal Protector Switches Help in Blowers

The blower is a rotating device that uses axial to radiate airflow to accomplish a variety of functions. Many industrial companies and homes commonly use it. It helps to keep the equipment functional and gives smooth operation.

However, the blowers also often face a lot of heat or temperature for their continuous and relentless operation, which can cause potential damage and fire. Therefore, thermal protector switches are highly recommended to protect blowers from overheating and ensure optimum performance. This article will talk about the two thermal protector switches models most commonly used in blowers and how those switches perform their protective functions.

ST01 Series Thermal Protector

ST01 series thermal protector has a high sensitivity to over-temperature. It can detect over-temperature when the basic machine temperature reaches 60~180°C. It has various applications and is commonly used for the thermal protection of electrical equipment such as transformers, motors, etc.

It uses bimetal-disc as sensing and controlling elements. It has a metal case as a heat sink, bearing up to 50KG coil shaping pressure. It comes with a resettable thermal cutoff switch and has the features of simple structure, lightweight, small size. It can protect equipment from being burnt and deformed and prolong its service life by preventing overheating conditions.

ST06 Series Thermal Protector

ST06 series thermal protector can be applied to various electrical equipment such as pumps, motors, reactors, etc. It is a square device of small size that can usually sit inside the coil. Its metal case can bear up to 50KG coil shaping pressure.

The product has no current heat effect and only reacts to temperature change. It allows the control system to react at a particular temperature to protect the equipment from overheating. The temperature range of this normally closed thermal protector is between 60-200°C. It has good stability, high-temperature resistance, and is lightweight.

Difference between ST01 and ST06

ST06 products are specifically used for high-power, while ST01 products are designed for low-power. The maximum working ambient temperature for the ST06 product is 200°C, while ST01 has a maximum capacity of 180°C.

The ST01 has a normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) feature for options, while the ST06 uses a normally closed (NC) feature to monitor the temperature. In many cases, NO thermal protectors are more effective than NC devices to prevent potentially dangerous situations.

How ST01 and ST06 Help in Blowers

Both thermal protector switches provide excellent protection against the vacuum impregnation process. They are used to protect the blower parts from damage due to the high temperature of the reflux and deposition gases.

Thermal protector switches are made of metals that can withstand high temperatures without melting or cracking. They are pure temperature products that can regulate the temperature of a blower. Ultrasonic welding of the insulated pipe sleeves enables an increase in both mechanical stability as well as electrical insulation.

Normally, the blocking time of the fan is 18 days, and the test of the heating and cooling cycle is about 2000 times. While the life of the thermal protector is generally 6000 to 10000 times, it can meet the requirements of the blocking life. According to different environments, some fans will increase the current to do 5000 times the life of the test, and our ST01 and ST06 series can also meet these demanding requirements.

Both products come in customized sizes which suitable for coils. They have passed various certifications for voltage/current/temperature, and they are widely used in industrial, medical appliances, computers, etc.

Machines add these two resettable thermal cutoff switches to prevent damage due to excessive heat overpressure and thus ensure the long life and smooth operation of the machine.

Wide Applications of ST Series and the Factory Strength of Saftty

Saftty is one of the leading manufacturers of thermal protector switches used to protect high capital and sensitive equipment. Our products feature outstanding reliability and quality in the electronic protection field and have been produced effectively from China for over 15 years.

Our ST series is one of the most popular kinds of protectors; it is easy to use with various characteristics and flexible use in various environmental conditions. There are many advantages of using the series: intelligent temperature protection technology, various protection modes, compact structure, easy installation, and wiring size can be adjusted according to customer requirements.


Both ST01 and ST06 series are great thermal protector switches. If you have any of those, you can find some peace of mind realizing that your blower is protected. You should not worry about a burnt blower or any damage to the components. Both products have a proven track record of overheat protection and industrial applications.

All Saftty thermal protector switches are built rugged to withstand even the toughest field conditions. They’re also engineered to meet or exceed the harsh environmental needs. They are both standard and meet the requirements of mechanical controlled switches. Contact Saftty to know more!


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