Coiltech is an important event for anyone involved in the design, manufacturing, or maintenance of electric motors, generators, and transformers. The exhibition provides an opportunity to learn about the latest technologies, connect with industry peers, and explore new business opportunities.

This year, the exhibition will be held in Pordenone, Italy, from September 27th to 28th. Saftty as a leading manufacturer of thermal protectors is excited to showcase its latest innovation at Coiltech 2023.

What Is a Thermal Protector?

A thermal protector is a device that is designed to prevent overheating in electrical equipment by interrupting the flow of electrical current when the temperature reaches a critical level. Here is everything you should know about it:


1. Applications (Where can you apply them?)

Commonly, thermal protectors can be used in various applications such as electric motors, transformers, water pumps, and other types of electrical equipment. They are particularly useful in applications where there is a risk of overheating due to high current flow, low airflow, or other factors.

2. Advantages (Why you should apply them?)

The primary advantage of using a thermal protector is the protection it provides to the equipment and the safety it ensures for the users. By interrupting the flow of electrical current, the thermal protector prevents the equipment from overheating and potentially causing a fire. Additionally, the use of thermal protectors can extend the lifespan of the equipment by preventing damage caused by excessive heat. 

Moreover, thermal protectors also showcase other advantages as below:

  • Small size;
  • Accurate temperature control;
  • High thermal conductivity and temperature sensitivity.

 3. Buying guide (How to select them?)

When selecting a thermal protector, there are several factors to consider, such as the maximum temperature rating, the trip temperature, and the current rating. It is important to choose a thermal protector that is compatible with the equipment and the application requirements. Last but not least, it is important to choose a reliable manufacturer and high-quality product to ensure maximum protection and safety.


Safttys Latest Innovation

Saftty is proud to introduce its latest innovation in motor thermal protection. The company will showcase three different models at Coiltech 2023 and the upcoming CWIEME 2023: ST11, STH6, and STY6. 


ST11 is the first China-made round shape thermal protector that is designed for use in electric motors, transformers, coils, and other electrical equipment. The special metal-made case can bear up to 50 kg coil shaping pressure. ST11 is also available with different trip temperatures to meet various application requirements.

Another good sealed and small-size product is the STH6. It’s a pure-temperature product that is designed for use in high-temperature applications. It has a maximum temperature rating of up to 200°C and a high current rating of up to 35A. STH6 is a perfect choice for use in electric motors, transformers, and other equipment that operates in high-temperature environments.

STY6 is a three-phase thermal protector that is designed for use in water pumps, transformers, line reactors, etc. It has a compact design and a low profile, making it ideal for applications where space is at a premium. The STY6 series adopts a unique sealing technology, and it’s small in size so that you can easily embed it inside the coil.

Final Thought

Saftty’s latest innovation in thermal protectors is designed to provide ultimate protection and safety for various applications. The ST11, STH6, and STY6 models offer unique features and advantages that make them ideal for different types of equipment and applications. Visit Saftty’s booth at Coiltech 2023 and CWIEME to see these innovative thermal protectors in action and learn more about how they can benefit your equipment and your business.


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