Saftty’s Thermal Protector Solution for Electric Tracing

Electric tracing has become a popular and most reliable pipeline insulation and anti-freezing solution. There are four main heat tracings to maintain temperature and prevent overheating and causing fire, which include steam, hot water, jacket, and electric tracing. The main purpose of electric tracing is to anti-freezing, maintain process temperature, reduce medium viscosity, anti-liquefaction, and environmental heating.

Saftty has been designing motor thermal protection in the form of a thermal protector to make electric tracing suitable for petroleum, iron and steel, chemical, and electric power industries. So, let’s see how thermal protector solution is applied in electric tracing.

Thermal Protectors in Electric Tracing

  • How does it work?

When it comes down to electric tracing works by radiating a specific amount of heat through the tracing mediums and provides compensation for the heat loss that’s impacted because of the indirect or direct heat exchange. As a result, it helps achieve cutting-edge insulation and heating. It is used to ensure that the material, process, and fluid within the piping systems and pipes are maintained at the right temperature.

In particular, the thermal protectors can help maintain the above ambient temperature during static flow conditions. Moreover, high-end protectors like Saftty’s can help provide supplemental freezing protection. It can help self-regulate the elect heat traces in association with the ambient temperature sensing system.  

  • Why does it matter?

The thermal protectors do a great job of detecting the over-temperature environment to ensure on-time disconnection from the electronic circuits to prevent a bigger disaster, such as permanent damage to the electronic appliances and fires – these outcomes are common if the circuits are overheated. This is because a thermal protector is designed to have a higher sensitivity to current and temperature and plays an important role in protecting and controlling electronic products (it also goes by the name of a thermal switch).

  • How to choose?

When choosing a suitable thermal protector for electric tracing, the current, voltage, and installation position are the primary dimensions to be considered. If you’re confused about making a choice, don’t worry, customized sample services are available in Saftty.

Saftty has some of the best thermal protectors available, and ST01 HT & ST06 HT are two of them. So, if you are building an electronic system, let’s check out the features and potential applications that Saftty’s thermal protectors provide.


This was the first round-shaped thermal protector designed in China and has CQC, TUV, and UL certifications available, promising durable standards. The components of ST01 HT series are as below:

  • Spring material are imported from NGK in Japan.
  • The case and spring are equipped withsilver plating technology, which greatly reduces the contact resistance.
  • The key parts of bimetallic sheet are separated by automatic forming equipment and tunnel furnace separation equipment, which has good consistency and stable performance.

Because of the well-sealed and small size design, it shows a superb performance in preventing product failure from the vacuum impregnation process, and suitable to be embedded inside the coil of electric motors. It has been widely used in electric motors, transformers, coils, and electronics sensors. In addition, it has an overload switch and metal case, which collectively tolerates over 50kg of pressure.


This is another thermal protector designed by Saftty and is known for its promising seal. The small size of the protector makes it suitable to be installed in electric motors, coils, transformers, sewage pumps, and water pumps. It is designed with a metal case that promises sufficient pressure-bearing of over 50kg. As far as temperature sensitivity and thermal conductivity are concerned, they are on point.

It has been designed with a bimetal disc that promises accurate temperature control and heating effects without disrupting the flow of current. Also, all the materials and designs are optimized to deliver stable performance.

The Bottom Line

Saftty is a leading name in the industry when it comes down to thermal protectors, but the company also entails a promising range of thermal fuses and motor protectors. Given our high-end manufacturing technology and research & development, we have designed protectors and fuses for windings, coils, water pumps, electric motors, battery packs, power tools, fans, and transformers to ensure protection from over-current and overheating.

Saftty has been around since 2008 and has over 10 patents, which means you can get unique products from us.


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