Top 7 Benefits of Saftty Thermal Protector Switch

Thermal protectors are crucial for the safety and prevention of unfortunate scenarios such as fires. A thermal protector switch also serves to prevent damage and make the circuit safer and more efficient. But what are the benefits of Saftty thermal protector switch? Scroll down to find out.

What is a thermal protector?

A thermal protector is a protective device that works to detect over-temperature conditions. Once the over-temperature condition is detected, the thermal protector proceeds to disconnect the power to the electronic circuit. This action is incredibly important as it helps prevent fire or damage to the motor or electronic equipment. Thermal protector switch is primarily used for repeated and safe opening/closing of the circuit. Basically, this electromechanical device can open and close contacts in order to regulate the electrical current flow as a reaction to a change in the temperature.


Applications of thermal protector switch

The best thing about the thermal protector switch is its versatility. These tiny devices have numerous applications, including motors, coils, transformers, sensors, and electronics. You can find thermal switches in almost every microwave, refrigerator, space heater, and other electronic device. Since the main idea behind the thermal protector switch is to control the flow of electrical current and provide safety, the uses and applications of these devices are numerous.

Top 7 benefits of Saftty thermal protector switch

Now that you know what a thermal protector switch is and why electric motor overload protection matters, it’s time to focus on devices made by Saftty. If you’re wondering about the benefits of Saftty thermal protector switch, you’ll get your answers below. Here are the seven most important advantages. 

1.Good sealed

Since these devices have a good seal, they can prevent product failure caused by the vacuum impregnation process, with a vacuum degree of -0.09MPa. Vacuum impregnation is considered the preferred technique of sealing porosity to prevent leakage of gases and fluids under pressure.

2.Small size

The thermal protector switch made by Saftty is small in size due to a height of 4.6mm and diameter of 8.9mm or 6.7mm height and 10mm in diameter, depending on the model. Saftty thermal protector switches have circular shapes and metal casings. Compact size allows the motor thermal protection switch to fit inside the coil easily. Favorable sizing allows for a multitude of applications this thermal protector switch has.

3.High thermal conductivity and temperature sensitivity

The metal shell of Saftty’s thermal protector switch can handle up to 50kg of coil shaping pressure. As a result, it has high thermal conductivity and temperature sensitivity. The operating temperature of Saftty thermal protector switches can reach up to 250 degrees, which is a very competitive advantage in the industry. 

4.Accurate temperature control

The effectiveness of the thermal protector switch and its functionality depends on the ability to control temperature properly. What makes this device stand out is accurate temperature control and features such as bimetal-disc without current and heat effect. 

5.Authoritative certification

The safety of these devices is vital, but the only way to achieve this is for the manufacturer to meet all the criteria and adhere to all the rules, standards, and regulations. Saftty thermal protector switch has all authoritative certifications, including CQC/UL/VDE/TUV/CB/KC. These certificates are a testament to the quality, safety, and efficacy of these devices. 

6.Wide temperature range

A wide temperature range of 60 to 180 or 250 degrees enables the thermal protector switch to provide enhanced safety to both the electrical flow, but also to the devices or other applications. 

7.Long service life

The thermal protector switch made by Saftty is long-lasting, meaning it proves to be a great investment in safety and efficacy, regardless of the application and use. 

Two excellent Saftty thermal protector switches you can’t miss !

As seen above, the benefits of thermal protector switches made by Saftty are numerous, and let’s focus on two options worth considering.

ST01 Series Thermal Protector

ST01 series is a small thermal protector switch with all the reputable certifications. The temperature range is 60-250 degrees, while the maximum operating voltage is 500VAC/60VDC. The height of these devices is 4.6mm, whereas the diameter measures 8.9mm. This good-sealed thermal protector switch also happens to be the very first round-shaped thermal protector made in China to get certifications such as CQC, UL and TUV.

ST06 Series Thermal Protector

Just like the device mentioned above, ST06 Series is good-sealed, small, and has high-temperature sensitivity and thermal conductivity. The temperature range of this device is 60-250 degrees, while the maximum operating voltage is 500VAC. When it comes to dimensions, ST06 Series is 6.7mm high and has a diameter of 10mm. 


The thermal protector switch regulates the electrical flow and prevents potential damage that would occur. Throughout this post, we focused on the Saftty thermal protector switch and the seven amazing benefits it provides. Saftty is a reliable name in this industry, known for high-quality devices with all the reputable certifications. We always give all our clients the best service. Feel free to contact us for more details about motor thermal protection switches.


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