On the beginning of February, SAFTTY organized 3 days of Yangshuo tour which ended successfully. Although the weather was a little bit cold these days, but everyone was warm in heart. We visited Yangshuo West Street, took a cruise on the Li River and watched the show on the Ancient Totem Path and we visited the Xingping Ancient Town. We also had a lot of local food: beer fish, Guilin rice noodles, sweet-scented osmanthus cake and so on. We also bought a lot of gift back for relatives and friends. All food junkie were satisfied.

The time traveling by car was relatively compact, but everyone had a good time.

Travel is a great way to relax stressful. Thanks very much for our company’s welfare.

In 2017, our factory in Guangzhou successfully relocated to Baoying in Yangzhou and received the full support of our customers, suppliers, agents and partners! In the new year, all employees of Saftty Electronic Technology Co., Ltd wish you a Happy New Year and good luck! At the same time also wish SAFTTY has a higher level, and achieved greater results in 2018!


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