On Saturday, March 24th, Saftty Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. held a first-quarter Team Construction Activities in the center lake of Guangzhou University City. The Administration Department made a very good preparation for this event and prepared a lot of games, props and so on. From 9:30 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, everyone enjoyed themselves. In the morning, werewolf games, brand names, and treasure hunt games were performed. The team who lost in the name tag and the treasure hunt game showed hula dancers for everyone, and the winning team won VR glasses awards. In the afternoon, barbecues and shrimp competitions were conducted. Fishing shrimp is a test of one’s patience. In the end, there was a rumored story-telling performance. The characters played in a string and laughter continued.

Team construction activities can enhance the understanding and collaboration between colleagues and foster team spirit. Look forward to more exciting activities in the second quarter.


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