In the golden autumn season, we ushered in the good day of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Saftty Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Ten years of wind and rain, there are laughter and tears. Ten years of history, there are hardships and gains. Ten years of struggle and entrepreneurship embodies the hard work and dedication of all the colleagues in Saftty. Ten years of hard work, recorded the trajectory and performance of Saftty’s advancement.

On September 3, we gathered in Yangzhou Baoying Branch to celebrate the joy of harvest. The theme of the party was “contrary to the trend, taking advantage of the trend”, singing and dancing, laughing all through, and the wonderful performances showed the elegance of our colleagues.

As a manufacturer of thermal protectors and temperature-controlled switches that enjoy a certain reputation inside China and abroad, Saftty has got good results all through the past ten years, and its annual performance has grown steadily. We will continue to carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, adhering to the concept of “innovative development” and welcoming the next brighter decade.

Let us wish that Saftty will thrive, prosper and become more and more wonderful.


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