In order to promote the corporate culture, let the employees feel the warmth of the big family, give affirmation and thanks to the employees for their long-term hard work, and express the company’s care for the employees, SAFTTY held a birthday party for the employees whose birthday were on April. We all gathered together, and everyone was very happy.

All colleagues sharing the sweetness and happiness of birthday.With cheerful laughter,realize each other’s deep friendship. 

When “Happy birthday to you…”, the familiar and beautiful melody sounded, the whole scene was extinguished. Everyone sang a birthday song together. The fairies made their birthday wishes. The atmosphere was pushed to a climax.

Wish they better and better, more and more beautiful.The cake looked good and tasted very good.

The birthday party is an important bridge between employees and the company, reflecting the company’s cordial care for employees. We will hold regular birthday parties in the future, so that everyone can feel the warmth of this big family. Finally, we wish they happy birthday!


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