On Saturday, June 15th, Saftty Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. held the 6th Family Association at Vanke Red County Villa District, Panyu District. The family members of our staff were very enthusiastic and actively participated in the event. Different from the past, this association was held in a booming manner. There are very rich play projects: billiards, mahjong, KTV, table football, routine games, werewolf killing games, etc. We also had a cooking competition, the birthday party of June and the sharing session on parent-child education. The colleagues of all departments have made their own specialties, the spicy crayfish of the Foreign Trade department, the pepper fried meat of the Internal Trade department, the chicken wings and the cucumber of the Logistics department, the beer duck of the R&D department. They are very good at cooking. Everyone was full of praise. Those dishes were very delicious. We also prepared delicious cakes and pizzas, and together we had a birthday party for Liu Yan whose birthday is on June. In the afternoon, one of the family members shared with us about parent-child education and answered our questions.

Everyone had a happy and fulfilling day. Thanks very much for the careful preparation by the Internal Trade department and the arrival of all family members. The success of this event also depends on the joint efforts and support of everyone.

Family friendship activities have established a platform for mutual communication between family members and company employees so that families can be more assured and supportive of our work. At the same time, we can work more comfortably which serve two purposes.

Give thanks to the company and our family.


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