On November 30, in order to strengthen team cohesion and strengthen communication among team members, SAFTTY held the fourth quarter group building event. We divided to three teams, went to the food shops in Shangxiajiu Road, Xihua Road and Yide Road in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou to enjoy the authentic cuisine of Guangzhou. Everyone was looking forward to this event. The members of each team checked the route and confirmed the address of the food shops before the departure.

Guangzhou is known as the “Gourmet Capital” and “Eat in Guangzhou”, with countless food categories. We tasted salty pancakes, stews, fish skins, boat congee, intestines, ice cream, double skin milk, wonton noodles, beef miscellaneous soup, bowl wing, etc. Everyone was praising and couldn’t stop eating.

We all had a happy time in this event.


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