On Jan. 3rd, 2020, Saftty held its annual meeting. At 3:30 in the afternoon, Jarvis Zhu, General Manager of Saftty, shared with all employees about 2011-2019 review, 2019 summary, 2020 risks and opportunities, 2020 planning and 2016-2020 planning review. In 2020, our slogan is “Year of Talent Upgrade”. We must cultivate talents, build excellent teams, and persist in the long-term unswerving pursuit of thermal protector business.

In the second link, Qu Jun, manager of the foreign trade department, also made a speech. He summarized the work of the foreign trade department, and wished that our company get better and better in future.

The third link was playing games, which all the employees were involved: flour blowing game, train Solitaire game. Everyone had a good time.

In the last session, everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner together and toasted together to make a good wish for 2020.

Here, I wish all our customers, partners, suppliers and all employees a Happy New Year, and wish you all the best, and a happy family!


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