On July 25, in order to enhance team cohesion and strengthen communication between team members, Saftty held the first team building activity in 2020. We went to the “Ghost Room- Large Room Escape” in Xiajiao, Panyu, to experience a real room escape. This is the first time everyone has played this kind of game. It is a very wonderful journey.

Real room escape, breaking the limitations and constraints of computer games, authentically showing the essence of the room, allowing players to use their eyes and hands, through logical thinking and observation, to continuously discover clues and hints, the most important thing is the cooperation of the team that can escape smoothly. The whole process is full of unknowns and uncertainties. In the tense atmosphere of the scene, it is truly integrated into the background of the story.

We were divided into two teams and played two themed games. The first theme was washing, cutting and blowing (the first theme in Panyu, difficulty 5 stars, spicy level horror); the second theme was imprisonment (difficulty 3 stars, micro fear), Funny). The process was very exciting, some was scared and screamed, and some friends were very calm, not afraid at all, and we finally passed the escaped smoothly with everyone’s cooperation. In the end, the resumption discussion was very intense and we were all extremely excited. We were immersed in the plot and had a long aftertaste.

This team building activity strengthened everyone’s understanding, enhanced friendship and cohesion, promoted the development of the company, and finally promoted the glory of the thermal protector business of Saftty. In the coming days, let us work together, work hard with our hands and actions to make the company bigger and stronger, embellish our lives more colorfully, and create a better future!


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