Recently, SAFTTY purchased a set of epoxy encapsulation equipment, which is used for the production of epoxy resin type of ST01 series, BW-B series and BW-E series thermal protector.

Epoxy encapsulated thermal protectors have the advantages of high sensitivity, wide application range, small size and convenient used, which based on the material used, epoxy resin has the following characteristics:
① Since the reaction between epoxy resin and curing agent belongs to addition polymerization, generally speaking, the shrinkage rate is relatively small, and there are no by-products.  
② With excellent heat resistance, can meet the requirements of electrical and electronic insulation materials.  
③ Excellent adhesion. This is unmatched by other materials.  
④ It has excellent electrical insulation properties.

The blessing of this equipment can improve our production efficiency, shorten the production cycle, so that we could make better service to customers, and meet customers’ requirements. This will become another bright spot and advantage of our thermal protectors.

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