Become A Better Yourself- SAFTTY Industry Knowledge Contest

In order to improve the sales team’s knowledge of the industry, enhance the professional competence and literacy of sales staff, and improve customer service quality, An Electronics held a knowledge contest on the afternoon of 18 June,2021, covering thermal protector product  knowledge, industry applications, market patterns, etc.

All sales staff are divided into three teams to participate in the competition, namely, the dark horse team, KTZ Trailblazer team,700 team, personnel department to preside over the event process, general manager and foreign trade manager as judges, as far away as the factory to study two colleagues through videoconference to participate in the competition together.

The competition is divided into four rounds, the first round is a mandatory question, each team takes turns to answer questions, in this round of the competition, the team score gap is not big, and the most exciting is the second round of team answer and the third round of personal answer, everyone strive for their own team opportunities, and strive upstream, in this round of scores gradually open the gap, the last round is an open question, need everyone combined with the actual analysis, to come up with arguments, team members actively discuss, everyone to start a brain for the team.

Although this knowledge contest is a competition, there will be wins and losses, but more importantly in the process to enhance the understanding of industry knowledge, enhance their professional ability for the future service customers to lay a more solid professional foundation, and finally, team members put the competition knowledge into thermal protector industry research reports as the company’s valuable organizational process assets, in the company’s professional development path to add a beautiful color.

The team that won the first place in the competition was the Dark Horse team, and although one member was far away from the factory and communicated through the conference system was not as convenient as the other teams, he did not expect to be the dark horse in the competition. The first place in the individual award was won by two colleagues, who ended up in first place, together with the first individual award, and the group and individual winners received the company’s bonus encouragement.

Although the competition prize money is not everyone, but in the process we reflect a high level of teamwork ability, for the company’s activities are also 100 percent actively participated in, enjoy it and can have some harvest, happy work, happy learning, I believe that in everyone’s future practical work, everyone’s efforts and accumulation will gradually blossom, blooming more glory.


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