Coiltech®, International Coil Winding Exhibition & Conference

Coiltech Deutschland was launched on April 29-30,2023, offering the best opportunity in the industry for suppliers of partsraw materials and processing equipment as well as buyers of engineering, R&D and procurement. As one of the most high-profile intemational exhibition after the COVID-19 pandemic, Coiletech has been a great successattracting a large number of industry peers and experts.

Saftty is the most reliableb&professional manufacrurer of thermal protectors in China. We pay close attention to the dynamics of the electronics industry, constantly seek innovation, promote technological progress and product upgrades to meet the changing needs of our customers.

It is not only an opportunity for business development, but also a discussion of technological innovation and newtrends in the electronic industry.

In the future, saftty will attend Coiltech Italian in this September, looking forward to your arrival!


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