SAFTTY passes BYD factory audit

In December 2023, after a month of careful preparation, our company officially passed the on-site audit of BYD Automobile Company, and was fortunate to become a member of BYD’s upstream supply chain. This marked another breakthrough for SAFTTY in the field of new energy vehicle applications after GAC.

With its technological R&D and innovation capabilities, BYD has mastered the core technologies of new energy vehicles such as batteries, motors, and electronic controls. At present, BYD’s new energy vehicles have formed two product series: passenger cars and commercial vehicles, covering seven general fields and four special fields. In 2023, BYD will sell more than 3.02 million units, becoming the world’s leading company in new energy vehicles.

As consumers have higher and higher requirements for charging speed, charging technology is developing towards high voltage and high current, and the problem of overheating during fast charging has become an urgent technical problem.The high-current series products developed by SAFTTY, such as ST06, STH6, and ST12, are suitable for applications in this field due to their small size, strong overcurrent capability, and high reliability. In the field of car charging applications, there are also harsh requirements for the use environment. It must be used normally in the low temperature environment of tens of degrees below zero in the north, and in the high temperature and humidity environment in the south.SAFTTY has made a lot of improvements in terms of structural design, material selection, etc. In accordance with automotive standards, it has improved the product’s sealing performance and reliability in high and low temperature environments, and has been recognized by customers.


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