The spectrum of applications for electric motors is expanding along with technology, with the usage of electric motors in daily life and manufacturing playing an increasingly significant role. Electricity is a necessary component in many applications, and mishaps that result in motor burnouts do happen occasionally. As a result, we require Saftty’s motor thermal protector in everyday life to prevent motor damage.

Specific examples of using motor thermal protector

1.The motor heats up. The main feature of the motor burnout is heated, and the reason for the motor burnout is due to the heating of the stator winding. The heating and cooling of the motor is a very slow process of change. Therefore, the motor thermal protector can achieve effective protection.

2.The motor is overloaded. The motor sometimes stalls, overloading the motor and burning it down. Therefore, it is necessary to implement inverse-time characteristic protection for motor overload, which is generally completed by over-current relays or thermal relays. As a result, the motor is effectively protected by the motor thermal protector.

Saftty motor thermal protector uses a metal shell, has good thermal conductivity, can bear 50 kg of coil shaping pressure, and is temperature-sensitive. It can be incorporated into the motor coil or bound to the enameled wire’s surface. The working temperature ranges from 60°C to 180°C in degrees Celsius. There is therefore no doubt about the significance of a Saftty motor thermal protector for your motor.

How does the thermal protector protect the motor?

Thermal protector, also called temperature switch, temperature control switch, etc. It is a temperature switch that uses a bimetallic strip as a temperature-sensing element. When the electrical appliance is working normally, the bimetallic strip is in a free state and the contacts are in a closed/open state. When the temperature rises to the operating temperature value, the bimetallic element is heated It acts rapidly due to internal stress, opens/closes contacts, cuts off/connects the circuit, and thus plays a thermal protection role. Saftty motor thermal protector is the first pure temperature type temperature switch in China that has obtained both UL and TUV certifications.


Do you want to keep your engine from overheating? Look at the motor thermal protection from Saftty. A safe and reliable overheating protection device, the Saftty Motor Thermal Protector is a small, accurate temperature control tool. If you are interested in knowing more information or purchasing motor thermal protector, please contact us!


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