Thermal Protector is a product that is being used in the motor industry. It is a thermal protector that helps to protect against overheating and also reduces the amount of heat that is put out by the engine. The article discusses the benefits of this thermal protector and why choose to buy it from Saftty.

Benefits of Saftty Thermal Protector

1.Compact design: The Saftty thermal protector’s metal body is rounded. The motor’s thermal protection switch is easy to incorporate in the motor’s coil and temperature detection is more accurate due to its small size.

2.High-temperature sensitivity and thermal conductivity: The metal housing of a saftty thermal protector can withstand up to 50 kg of coil-shaping pressure. Saftty thermal protector has a rated working temperature of up to 250 degrees, which qualifies it for use in specialized industries and gives it a considerable competitive advantage.

3.Accurate temperature regulation: The efficiency and functioning of the thermal protector switch depend on its ability to manage temperature. Saftty thermal protectors are distinguished by their precise temperature regulation and absence of current heating effects from the bimetals.

Supporting Technology of Saftty Thermal Protector

  • Integrate global supply chain resources, the double piece adopts the material of EMS, the world’s largest double piece manufacturer in the United States, and the shell adopts the stamping and measuring forming technology of the German supplier.
  • The reeds are made of Japanese NGK materials, processed and produced by Japanese stamping parts suppliers.
  • The shell and reeds are silver-plated, which greatly reduces the contact resistance.
  • The double-piece core component adopts fully automatic molding equipment and temperature screening tunnel kiln production and testing, with good consistency and stable performance.

Why choose Saftty?

Saftty Electronics has repeatedly improved the process and purchased high-efficiency vacuuming equipment. The thermal protector produced has achieved extremely high airtightness. In the case of -0.09MP, the dipping rate can reach 3‰, which can prevent product failure during vacuum impregnation. Reduce the failure rate of thermal protectors due to vacuum dipping to less than one thousandth, making it the product with the lowest defective rate in the industry.


Saftty is a reliable supplier of thermal protectors. We offer high-quality products at competitive prices, and our team is always available to help you find the right product for your needs. With over 10 years of experience, Saftty has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best possible products and services. If you’re looking for a thermal protector, make sure to check out Saftty.


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