Nowadays, electricity is used to power most of the instruments individuals use in their daily activities. However, there are many different types of electrical machinery equipment available today, and the output has significantly increased as a result of economic and technological advancements. Defects also rise as a result of development. Overheating and overcurrent cause numerous accidents that seriously harm both people and property. Consequently, people hold motor protectors for electrical equipment and machines in high regard.


ST01 high-current thermal protector is a high-current protector with dual protection functions of overcurrent and overheating. The built-in heating piece and bimetallic piece form a series circuit. The bimetal is heated to speed up the speed of the bimetal to reach the operating temperature, thereby cutting off the circuit more quickly.

Performance of ST01 Motor Protectors

  • Large electrical capacity, long life and high reliability;
  • Very precise tripping time to prevent overheating of the motor;
  • Possess dual performance of sensing current and temperature.

ST01 Series Motor Protectors and Its Features

Manufactured by Saftty, the ST01 Series motor protector is one of the market’s most popular high-current motor thermal protectors.

1.Features of temperature protection:

ST01 series thermal protectors can precisely control the temperature of electrical appliances. The electric current passes through the bimetallic reed, when the electrical appliance fails to work normally and the ambient temperature is too high, the bimetallic reed of the thermal protector disconnects the silver contact, so that the electrical appliance is protected. When the thermal protector cools down to a safe temperature, the contacts are automatically closed and reset.

2.Feactures of Current overload protection:

The auxiliary heating sheet in the ST01 series thermal protector is matched with the bimetal sheet, which has the function of precisely controlling the tripping time of the overload current. When the current (motor, transformer, etc.) is too large or the locked-rotor current exceeds the trip value set by the thermal protector, the protector can cut off the circuit instantly to protect the electrical appliances.


In the world, Saftty is one of the top providers of motor thermal protectors and sensor solutions.  For over 15 years, the company has been developing thermal solutions for overheating and over-current protection. Because their products meet the international safety standards demanded by the majority of nations, Saftty, the company that makes ST01, has years of experience and has made safety a top priority. Everywhere, whether in the home or the workplace, safety precautions are crucial and required.


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