A thermal protector keeps the thermal switch normally open. Thermal protectors are often used to switch off the power supply when temperatures reach a certain level and could cause overheating in the circuit. Thermal switches are primarily used in circuits that are turned on and off repeatedly. In general, this type of thermal protector device controls the flow of electricity by opening and closing contacts in response to abnormal changes in temperature.


What do you know about Saftty ST10?

Saftty ST10 small-sized thermal protector, with metal shell, can withstand 50KG coil shaping pressure, good thermal conductivity, sensitive to temperature, suitable for binding on the surface of enameled wire or embedded in the motor coil, the operating temperature can be set at 60°C-180°C between.

Key Benefits of Saftty Thermal protector ST10

1.The first round thermal protector built in China received certification from UL, TUV, and CQC, breaking a German protection monopoly of 30 years.

2.Thermal protection ST01 has a tightly sealed construction, which can guard against vacuum impregnation-related product failure.

3.A thermal protection switch that is small enough to fit inside an electric motor’s coil. With a metal case and high thermal conductivity and temperature sensitivity, a motor thermal overload switch can withstand up to 50 kg of coil shaping pressure.

4.Products of the pure temperature action type, bimetal discs with no current or heat effect, precise temperature control.

Why You Need Thermal Protector ST10?

When it comes to thermal protectors, the ST10 is one of the best on the market. Here are some of the benefits of having a Thermal Protector ST10:

1.Enhanced Safety – The ST10 is designed to enhance safety by automatically shutting off power to your devices in the event of overheating. This can help prevent fires and other damage caused by excessive heat.

2.Improved Reliability – Thermal protectors can improve the reliability of your devices by protecting them from overheating. This can help extend the lifespan of your devices and keep them functioning properly for longer.

3.Pece of Mind – Knowing that your devices are protected from overheating can give you peace of mind, especially if you use them in high-heat environments.

4.Cost Savings – The ST10 can help you save money by preventing damage to your devices from overheating. This can also help you avoid costly repairs or replacements down the road.


Saftty is a reputable brand in the sector, recognized for premium products and honorable certificates. We constantly strive to offer all of our customers the best service possible.


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