Keeping your battery packs safe and cool is essential if you want them to last as long as possible. There are a few different ways to do this, but one of the most popular is using thermal protection. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best thermal protection products at Saftty and what benefits it offers.

Why need thermal protection?


Thermal protection is a critical component of any electronic device. This includes battery packs, as they are often placed close to heat sources. Battery packs need to be protected from overheating and fire, which can lead to serious safety consequences. Thermal protection is a critical component of any electronic device, especially for battery packs. Heat can quickly destroy batteries, so it’s important to choose the right thermal protector.


Why do battery pack suppliers need thermal protection?


Battery pack suppliers need thermal protection for a few reasons. The most obvious reason is that battery packs can overheat and potentially catch fire if they’re not properly protected. Thermal protection also helps to keep the battery cells from becoming damaged, which can lead to shorter battery life and decreased performance.


Some of the other reasons for needing thermal protection in battery packs include:


-Protecting the electronic components inside the battery pack from overheating

-Preventing the battery cells from becoming damaged due to extreme temperatures

-Reducing the amount of heat released during charging or discharging


What functions do battery pack thermal protectors perform?


By opening and closing contacts to control the flow of electrical current, an electromechanical component known as a thermal switch reacts to temperature changes. On the other hand, the factory has already predetermined and cannot change the preset set point temperature for the thermal overheat protector switches.


Since the active and passive layers’ expansion coefficients vary depending on temperature, the bimetal bends and deforms as the temperature rises. The shape of the bimetal will recur when the temperature rises, creating a switch that responds to temperature variations by closing and opening.




A brand-new series from Saftty has begun, called the BW-B Series. The thermal switches are supposed to make contact with your rechargeable batteries. These snap-action thermal switches can open the charging circuit if the battery pack overheats while being charged and keep it open until the battery pack cools down.


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