SAFTTY’s Six-Pulse Sword to Improve Product Reliability

SAFTTY’s Six-Pulse Sword to Improve Product Reliability

As a safety product, thermal protector is a component of overheat protection when abnormal electrical and electronic products occur, and the reliability requirements are very high. The reliability problem can not be completely solved by picking up, this involves the customer’s use of the specific operating conditions, the product itself structural design, material, performance stability and other aspects of the situation, is a very complex system problem. An’s in improving product reliability, after ten years of polishing, and gradually formed their own six-pulse sword. Many models can achieve 50PPM in the process of client use, especially BW-B series of products within 20PPM.

First, customer demand analysis,

Thermal protector is installed in the customer’s whole machine for use, different industries, different customers’ product applications, the use of different environment and requirements are not the same. If you do not understand the various application scenarios of the product, even if the product itself is in line with national standards or UL, VDE and other standards. In the application process of the product will also appear N more unexpected conditions lead to the failure to achieve the purpose of protection. 

For example, applied to the external rotor fan industry, many customers put the protector into the fixer, the entire stator coil will do vacuum painting process, some vacuum pressure will reach -0.085MPa, insulation paint is easy to penetrate through the gap in the housing or core gap into the product, if the amount of paint is large, reach the contact center, directly lead to product failure. Many standards do not have this provision, if this problem is not taken into account, even if the certification standards meet the product will be scrapped, increasing the probability of client use of repair, reducing productivity, improve production costs. For this difficult problem I Division after many years of research and development, and finally developed to prevent the vacuum immersion process of product failure ST01 series thermal protector, become the first domestic UL and TUV certification, breaking the German monopoly of 30 years of domestic alternative products;

For example, in the motor industry during the use of the protector into the stator coil, many companies will use the machine for plastic surgery, some plastic pressure is very large, will exceed 50Kg, will not only the protector shell crush resulting in failure, but also the protector’s lead pressure off, without taking these factors into account, the reliability of the protector in the client will be reduced. St01 series using a metal housing, can withstand 50KG coil shaping pressure, good thermal conductivity, temperature sensitivity.

Therefore, the first pulse of improving reliability is to understand the actual use of customers, in the product design and production process must take into account these issues, so that the production of the probability of adverse products will be reduced.

Second, reliability design management

Good products are designed, manufactured, rather than tested, selected out, if the quantity of products selected by inspection, not only low efficiency, high cost, but also can not guarantee that the products selected in the process of use of a certain performance stability.   

Reliability design management is divided into reliability review and project management, product design training, process design training, CHKLIST development, test report template, design report template, review and reward management a total of seven parts. First of all, feasibility review is very important first link, product design at the beginning if not reliability review, wait until the structure design is good, mold ok to adjust, simply can not make up the sheep, and pay a very large price; The test report and design report template are designed to make the whole process, systematic, not because of personnel changes lead to operational deformation, and evaluation and reward management is to make the reliability of research and development personnel design and performance linked to ensure that the research and development personnel pay attention to reliability.

Third, material selection and certification

Thermal protector products have a lot of components, whether each component can meet the design requirements directly determines the reliability of the protector into pieces, so SAFTTY attaches great importance to the selection of materials and certification links. This link is divided into six parts: material selection certification replacement process, material inspection process, material problem feedback and processing process, material selection guide and preferred library, material customization control process, supplier certification management process.

In the control of components, we pay more attention to the selection of supplier certification link. After all, we are not experts in parts production, nor can we control the quality of incoming materials by purchasing higher-end inspection equipment than our suppliers. So our philosophy is to professional things to professional people to do, choose a strict system of control of suppliers to cooperate.

Supplier’s import is divided into four levels, the first basic information of suppliers such as registered capital, annual output value, number of employees to do a preliminary understanding; Fourth, to examine the development prospects and growth of suppliers, can meet the company’s future development needs in all aspects, such as technology leadership, the ability to supply more bulk, new product supply quality control capabilities. Our Ann after more than ten years of unremitting efforts, always keep in mind to provide customers with reliable products, so that customers’ products are safer, so that human life more secure enterprise mission to create a complete set of security components product certification system has been highly recognized by major manufacturers around the world.

Fourth, assembly reliability management

This includes part combination design specifications, feed inspection specifications, external parts inspection specifications, process operation instructions, key process parameters control and automated production methods. At present, we focus on automated production methods, the existing manual production process requirements through automated equipment to cur, reduce the uncertainty caused by manual operation. In the future, we will unswervingly carry out the strategic approach of production automation to every process of product production.

In the core components of bimetallic film production and assembly link, we have developed the “double-piece operation guide” “temperature and humidity control norms”, “production experimental process card”, “double-chip sorting operation guide” and other documents, standardize the operation process, control key parameters, strictly control the trial production before mass production;

Fifth, failure analysis management

The failure of the thermal protector in the client is our opportunity to further improve reliability, solve the failure problem of the client can let us prevent defects in time, the more successfully solve the failure case, the lower the probability of failure in the future.

The process of failure analysis is divided into collecting the environmental information of failure for failure analysis scheme design, collecting failure samples first for appearance inspection, combined with analysis scheme for comprehensive testing, determining sample failure, opening the sample, peeling layer, finding the failure point, first physical analysis, determine the failure mechanism, and then formulate corrective measures, and then carry out the results verification.

Sixth, the product data management platform

All documents, drawings, and specifications to improve reliability are ultimately implemented by an effective data management platform. Its Chinese management includes product documentation, device documentation, production documentation, and training documentation, and engineering change management includes change materials, change documentation, property changes, change impact analysis, and so on. This data is shared with relevant department employees at the authorization level so that they can view the data in a timely manner to assist them in their work.

Improving product reliability is a systematic project and a difficult and continuous process of continuous improvement. Need the highest level of the company to attach great importance to, which involves a lot of departments and links, not which department which single person can be completed. Therefore, in the establishment of the whole system, the company’s general manager has been pouring a lot of time and energy to hard work, fighting, step by step for the camp to ensure the effective implementation and perfection of the system.



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