The most well-liked and trustworthy method of pipeline insulation and anti-freezing is now known as electric tracing. To maintain temperature and stop overheating and starting a fire, there are four basic heat tracings: steam, hot water, jacket, and electric tracing. Electric tracing is mostly used for anti-freezing, process temperature maintenance, medium viscosity reduction, anti-liquefaction, and environmental heating.

In order to make electric tracing suited for the oil and gas, iron and steel, chemical, and electric power industries, Saftty has been inventing thermal protection for motor in the form of a thermal protector.Let’s now examine the use of motor thermal protector solution in electric tracing.

How Does It Function?

When it comes down to it, electric tracing compensates for the heat loss caused by an indirect or direct heat exchange by radiating a set amount of heat through the tracing materials. As a result, it contributes to modern heating and insulation. It is utilized to make sure that the fluid, process, and materials inside the pipes and piping systems are kept at the proper temperature.

The thermal guards, in particular, can support keeping the ambient temperature above the recommended level when there is static flow. Additionally, premium protectors like Saftty’s might aid in supplying extra freezing protection. Together with the ambient temperature monitoring system, it can aid in the elect heat traces’ ability to self-regulate.

Why Is It Important?

The thermal protectors are excellent at spotting the over-temperature environment and ensuring prompt detachment from the electronic circuits to avert a worse catastrophe, such as permanent damage to the electronic appliances and fires, which are frequent if the circuits are overheated. This is due to the fact that a thermal protector, which is crucial for safeguarding and managing electrical equipment, is made to have a higher sensitivity to current and temperature (it also goes by the name of a thermal switch).


Saftty is a well-known brand in the market for thermal protectors, but the business also offers a promising selection of thermal fuses and motor protectors. We have created protectors and fuses for windings, coils, water pumps, electric motors, battery packs, power tools, fans, and transformers to ensure protection from over-current and overheating thanks to our advanced production technique.

With over 10 patents under our belt and having been in business since 2008, Saftty can provide you with one-of-a-kind goods.


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