Ventilators are devices that help us breathe. They are used to increase the airflow into and out of the lungs, which can be vital in treating a number of respiratory conditions. In order to ensure that your ventilator is working as it should, it is important to ensure that the airflow entering and leaving the machine is accurate. This is where Saftty’s AFM3000 mass flow sensor, a flow sensor of ventilator comes in handy – it can be used to measure the airflow into and out of a ventilator, ensuring that it remains consistent from one cycle to the next.

What do you know about a flow sensor of ventilator?


The Saftty AFM 3000 mass flow sensor is a flow sensor of ventilator that is used to measure the airflow rate and velocity of the ventilator. This sensor is installed in the exhaust pipe of the ventilator to measure the airflow and thereby optimize its performance.


The importance of a flow sensor of ventilator


Flow sensors are used in a variety of industries to measure the flow of a material or fluid. They can be found in industrial applications such as chemical plants, air pollution control, and oil refineries. Flow sensors are also used in medical devices such as ventilators. A ventilator is a machine that helps us breathe and it requires precise measurements of airflow to ensure that we get the right amount of oxygen into our lungs.


A mass flow sensor is an important component in any ventilator system. It is responsible for measuring the airflow through the device and sending these readings to the control unit. This allows the operator to adjust the ventilation settings accordingly. The accuracy of a mass flow sensor is vital for ensuring that patients receive the correct amount of oxygen and other respiratory medications.




The Saftty AFM3020 mass flow sensor detects the flow of non-corrosive gases such as oxygen and air with extremely high accuracy. Due to the unique design within the air duct, the fluid flowing through the sensor is lost at very low pressure, so its performance is suitable for a variety of demanding applications, including medical ventilation and breathing applications. As a high-precision and high-efficiency flow measurement tool, Saftty mass flow sensor is widely used in chemical, medical, and other fields.


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