In anesthesiology, oxygen is the most important gas to monitor. The Saftty Company’s Oxygen Sensor can help you increase your efficiency as a clinician. This article in a blog discusses the benefits of this sensor and how it can benefit people who work in healthcare professions.


What is the Need for a New Oxygen Sensor Anesthesia Machine?

There is a growing need for an oxygen sensor anesthesia machine because of the increasing popularity of minimally invasive surgeries. Oxygen sensor anesthesia machines use sensors to monitor levels of oxygen in the air and help surgeons adjust the amount of anesthesia delivered to the patient. This ensures that they receive the right amount of anesthesia and are not conscious during surgery. The Saftty Company is one company that is dedicated to meeting this need, with their new oxygen sensor for anesthesia machine, AO-09.


The AO-09 is a high-tech oxygen sensor for anesthesia machine that uses sensors to monitor levels of oxygen in the air and automatically adjust the amount of anesthesia delivered to the patient. This means that patients do not have to worry about being conscious during surgery or experience any pain or discomfort.


The Saftty Company’s new oxygen sensor anesthesia machine is perfect for surgeries involving delicate tissue or organs, such as those on the face or neck. By using this machine, surgeons can ensure that their patients receive the correct dose of anesthesia and do not feel any pain or discomfort during their procedures.


How do oxygen sensors work?

The chemical structure of an oxygen battery serves as the foundation for the medical oxygen sensor. Its main duty is to measure the oxygen concentration of the mixture gas. Oxygen concentration can be measured between 0% and 100%. Each oxygen sensor’s output voltage is proportional to the oxygen concentration and remains generally constant over the course of its lifespan. The fundamental tenet of it is that oxygen participates in the redox sensor. If the detected oxygen concentration value considerably deviates from the target oxygen concentration value, the equipment will sound an alert. The air-oxygen mixer and the patient’s inspiratory end are frequently located on each side of the oxygen sensor.



Saftty Company is a company that offers oxygen sensor for anesthesia machines. These machines help anesthesiologists administer the correct dosage of oxygen to patients during surgery, which has the potential to improve patient outcomes and reduce surgical risks. If you are looking for a machine that can help improve patient safety and outcomes, consider investing in a Saftty Company oxygen sensors.


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