People will discover what an oxygen monitor sensor is and how it functions through this blog post. In addition, they will learn about the benefits of utilizing such sensors in various medical apparatus.

What is an Oxygen Monitor Sensor?

An oxygen monitor sensor is an important piece of equipment for hospitals as an oxygen monitor sensor is a tiny electronic device that detects the level of oxygen in the air. There are many advantages of using oxygen monitor sensors over other monitoring devices, such as ensuring accurate readings, providing real-time data, and being less invasive.

How do Oxygen Monitor Sensors Work?

An oxygen monitor sensor is a tool to gauge the atmosphere’s oxygen content. The oxygen content of the air is measured by the sensor via an electrochemical process. The sensor alerts the user of the amount of oxygen that is running low by sending a signal when it detects low oxygen levels.

Taking AO-09 as an example, talk about the characteristics and advantages of the Saftty oxygen sensor

AO-09 is Saftty’s medical oxygen sensor. High quality AO-09 replacement sensor with long life and fast response, with molded body design, designed for medical use. Best of all, the AO-09 costs less than the sensor it replaces, creating additional savings while delivering superior quality. AO-09 medical oxygen sensor is an oxygen sensor component specially used for oxygen analyzers, which can be used in oxygen generator control devices, medical ventilators, anesthesia equipment, and other equipment to measure the oxygen concentration in a breathing gas mixture.

Product advantages:

1.Comply with medical equipment usage standards, accurate and reliable.

2.Full-scale linear output, no external power supply is required when the sensor works.

3.Stable signal output, and fast response.

4.Strong anti-interference ability

5.Long service life

Saftty: Your best supplier of oxygen monitor sensors

Saftty provides customers with efficient, kind service. Throughout production, we’ll keep clients informed by communicating with them. Our technical staff is also available to help clients with technical questions, such as product use, testing, and selection. For quick delivery, we also keep a sizable inventory of standard models on hand. Finally, the members of our customer support team are dedicated to offering consulting services. Saftty has set up a cutting-edge lab and hired specialists with in-depth R&D knowledge in order to provide strong technical assistance for their product improvements.


In industries like the medical sector, oxygen monitor sensors are very helpful, so it’s important to use oxygen monitor sensors made by reputable manufacturers. Saftty is highly regarded by customers as a reputable sensor supplier.


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