Transformers might be in danger from voltage spikes, power surges, and overheating. If they are not covered by a thermal protector, they run the risk of being harmed by one of these incidents. This blog post discusses the benefits of installing Saftty’s thermal protectors to safeguard your transformers from overheating, power surges, and voltage spikes.



Why is Saftty’s Thermal Protector needed?


Thermal protectors, which prevent transformers from overheating, are used in this situation. The thermal protector serves as a barrier to stop heat from entering the transformer by being positioned between the transformer and the heat source. The transformer’s high temperatures require a material with a high melting point to be used in the thermal protector’s construction.


Thermal protectors can prevent overheating-related transformer breakdowns. They are designed to automatically cut off the power supply to the transformer when the temperature rises above a set threshold. The transformer is protected from harm and overheating by doing this.


Advisory for Saftty’s ST07 Series Thermal Protectors


The main uses of the Saftty’s ST07 series thermal protectors are in transformers, battery packs, electrical appliances, etc.


A copper-nickel alloy bimetallic strip serves as the major structural element of the ST07 thermal overload protection switch. The bimetallic strip of the automatically reset thermal switch for appliance ST07 will bend and deform to close the circuit and create protection when the ambient temperature reaches the cut-off point specified by the product. When the temperature falls, the circuit will automatically reset to allow reconnecting.


Each thermal overload protector switch with the ST07 grade has a bimetal disc designed and manufactured for the appropriate temperature rating. The opening temperature and calibration of every device are checked. The internationally known business EMS provides the primary component of the bimetallic sheet. Two-sheet molding is something they produce, and it allows for complete temperature assessment and quality control. By focusing on quality, performance accuracy, consistency, and dependability can be achieved.




For any transformer, thermal protectors are a critical piece of equipment. By avoiding overheating and fire, they contribute to the extension of your transformer’s lifespan and the safety of your family. When buying thermal protectors, it’s important to consider the size of your transformer as well as the space where it will be used. To maintain your transformer’s flawless operation and to meet your needs, you can choose the perfect product. Keep Saftty‘s thermal protectors in mind when using transformers.


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