Voltage spikes, power surges, and overheating can all be dangerous for transformers. They run the danger of suffering damage from one of these events if they are not protected by a thermal protector. The reasons for installing Saftty thermal protectors to shield your transformers from overheating, power surges, and voltage spikes are discussed in this blog post.

What purpose does Saftty’s Thermal Protector serve?


Transformers are shielded from overheating by a device called a thermal protector. The thermal protector is placed in between the transformer and the heat source, and it acts as a barrier to prevent the heat from reaching the transformer. To survive the high temperatures generated by the transformer, the thermal protector is constructed from a material with a high melting point.


Transformer failures caused by overheating are avoided by using thermal protectors. They are intended to detect when the transformer temperature goes above a predetermined threshold and turn off the transformer’s power supply automatically. By doing this, the transformer is shielded from damage and overheating.


Recommendation of Saftty ST07 Series Thermal Protectors


Transformers, battery packs, electrical appliances, etc. are the principal applications for Safty ST07 Series Thermal Protectors.


The main component of the thermal overload protector switch ST07 is a bimetallic strip made of a copper-nickel alloy. When the outside temperature reaches the cut-off temperature defined by the product, the bimetallic strip of the automatically reset thermal switch for appliance ST07 will bend and deform to shut off the circuit and create protection. When the temperature decreases, the circuit will automatically reset to enable reconnecting.


A bimetal disc created and made for the right temperature rating is a feature of each thermal overload protector switch with the ST07 rating. Each gadget has its calibration and opening temperature tested. The main component of the bimetallic sheet is supplied by the globally renowned company EMS. We manufacture two-sheet molding, which facilitates thorough temperature inspection and quality control. Precision, consistency, and dependability in performance can be attained by concentrating on quality.




All things considered, thermal protectors are a crucial piece of gear for any transformer owner. They aid in extending the lifespan of your transformer and ensuring your family’s safety by preventing overheating and fire. The size of your transformer and the area in which it will be utilized should both be taken into account when purchasing thermal protection. You may select the ideal product to suit your requirements and maintain the smooth operation of your transformer. For transformers, take into account Saftty‘s thermal protector.


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