ST06 Series


Key Benefits:
• Good sealed.
• Small size, suitable to be embedded inside coil.
• Metal case, up to 50KG coil shaping pressure, has high thermal conductivity and temperature sensitive.
• Pure temperature action type products, bimetal-disc without current and heat effect, accurate temperature control.




• Motors.
• Transformers.
• Coils.
• Electronics, sensor.


Integration of Resources:

• Integration of global supply chain resources, we purchase bimetal-disc from the world’s largest bimetal-disc material manufacturer EMS in the Unitd States and the case is made of precision CNC cutting.
• Metal dome which material comes from NGK Japan and manufactured by Japanese stamping supplier.
• The key component bimetal-disc produced by fully automated molding equipment and sorted by tunnel oven separation equipment is good consistency and stable performance.



  Normally closed 
Norminal Switching Temp., in 5K-step  60℃-200℃
Tolerance-Standard  ±5K/±8K/±10K
Reset temperature range  ≥35℃(≤95℃ NST)
Operating voltage  250VAC
Cycles at cosΦ1.0  10A/10000 cycles
Cycles at cosΦ0.6  6.3A/10000 cycles
Contact resistance (lead length 55mm) ≤50mΩ
Insulation voltage  1.5KV
Insulation sleeve length  16mm
Diameter  10mm
Height  6.7mm
Lead wire(standard) 0.75mm2/AWG18
Outgoing line length-standard  55mm



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