Key Benefits:

The ST09 thermostat is a self-recovery temperature controller with a bimetallic temperature-sensing jump single-pole single-throw type. A unipolar normally closed switch composed of an insulating shell, a metal cover, a bimetal, a contact bridge, a spring, and an action rod. When the temperature change increases and reaches the preset deformation temperature of the bimetallic strip, the bimetallic strip operates to separate the contact bridge from the contact through the actuating rod, so that the switch that was originally in a normally closed state is disconnected. The cut-off temperature can be made according to customer requirements.
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• Fractional horsepower motor
• Fluorescent lamp ballast
• Transformer
• Lamp mounting bracket or inner wall of lampshade
• Vacuum cleaner
• Car motor
• Screw tube, PCD circuit board and other fields





Technical Parameter:

1. Product implementation standards: GB14536.1-2008, GB14536.10 -2008, GB/T22687 -2008;
2. Safety certification and electrical parameters: 250V AC 63A life span 6000 times; 90V DC 40A life span 3000 times;
3. Contact resistance: the initial value measured by the low resistance tester (DC5V/0.25A) is ≤50 mΩ;
4. Insulation resistance: Use a DC500V insulation resistance tester to detect the resistance between the terminal and the cover ≥ 100 MΩ;
5. Electric strength: 1500V~/1min or 1800V~/2s, no flashover or breakdown phenomenon;
6. The highest heat-resistant temperature: 160°C;
7. This product complies with the requirements of EU 2002/95EC RoHS directive and 1907/2006/EC REACH regulation;
8. Packing: 5 Packing: 1 box = 550 pieces = 110 pieces × 5 boxes, the outer box size: 470 × 340 × 220mm;


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