STY6 Series Three-Phase Motor Thermal Protector


Key Benefits:

• Good airtightness, compact design, small size, suitable for burying inside the coil.
• Cutting off the three-phase motor coils at the same time will not cause the risk of phase loss.
• Metal shell, can withstand 50KG coil shaping pressure, has good thermal conductivity, and is sensitive to temperature.
• Pure temperature products, the current does not pass through the two chips, there is no current heating effect, and the temperature control is accurate.
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Thermal overload protector STY6 thermal protector is a temperature-based automated response device wired in series with the motor’s winding. The contacts open as the temperature rises and reset when the temperature falls. Thermal protector switch STY6 thermal protectors are specially designed for three-phase motor overheat protection.



• Three-phase electric motors
• Three-phase water pumps
• Three-phase fans

Supporting technology:

• The unique three-contact structure design can cut off the three-phase coil current at the same time, with long life and high reliability.
• Integrate the resources of the global supply chain, the two-pieces are made of materials from the world’s largest two-piece manufacturer, the United States EMS, and the shell is made of precision CNC cutting.
• The guozi slices are made of Japanese materials and are processed and produced by Japanese stamping parts suppliers.
• The core components of the two pieces adopt fully automated molding equipment and temperature screening tunnel kiln production testing, with good consistency and stable performance.


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Technical Parameters:


 Normally closed
Action temperature (every 5°C is a level)70-180°C
Reset temperature range≥35°C(≤95°C NST)
Operating voltage range AC440 V
Rated voltage3x440V/50/60Hz
Cycles cosΦ1.02.5A/10,000
Cycles cosΦ0.61.6A/10,000
Contact resistance (55mm line length)≤50mΩ
Trip time< 1ms
Insulation voltage2kV
Case pressure600N
Insulating sleeve length17.0mm
Diameter (with/without insulating sleeve)9.8mm/9.3mm
High (with/without insulating sleeve)7.6mm/7.2mm
Standard leadLead wire 0.5mm2/AWG20
The length of the standard line55mm

Let us know your requirements below and we will do the rest.


Thermal protector switch STY6 for three-phase motor overheat protection


Let us know your requirements below and we will do the rest.


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