R&D Strength

R&D Strength

Our chief designer Mr. Yin Xiangqian set foot in electronic product design from 1998 and has initiated and been part of new product research and development for over 100 items and has applied for more than 80 patents. Mr. Yin joined Saftty in 2008 and began design career for thermal protector. During the past five years, under the leadership of Mr. Yin, the R&D team has developed more than 10 new models of thermal protectors and has been patented 7 national inventions.

Saftty’s R&D team is small but brightest. The most encouraging thing was Mr. Zhu Jiehua joined us in 2011. Mr. Zhu was the engineer of the Guangzhou Wanbao which was first production enterprise for thermal protector in China. Mr. Zhu involved in the introduction of whole sets of German automation equipment and having years of experience in Germany made product technology.

Saftty follows standards of manufacturing high quality products of most reliability and consistency by way of integrating global supply chain resources, structural design boost, material utilitarian and so on and new technology introduction from other industry.

In consideration of design reliability and installation reliability at the beginning of project development, we take priority to use parts and components from preferred suppliers and problem finding through small-scale test and pilot production. We process to analysis of failure patterns to find and solve problems in advance.

Saftty began a five-year plan for new product research and development from 2011. 2011: Model BW-D series small size thermal protector, Model ST01 thermal protector; 2012: Super thin 2.5mm model ST01-S; model ST01-H with PTC self-hold; 2013: super thin 1.5mm model ST03; model ST04 with large rated current of 20A; 2014: super small size model ST05; super thin 1.15mm model ST02; 2015: ST06 with rated current of 10A; thermal protector for compressor.

More and more masterpieces with be released from Saftty and let’s witness our growing and improvement.


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