On Saturday, June 2, Saftty Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. held family-friendship activities of 2018 at Qingqing Farm, Cheung Chau Island, Huangpu District. The family members of our staff were very enthusiastic and actively participated in the event. We have carried out a very rich variety of activities, including digital compilation, CS, cooking competitions, killing games, water fights and more. The most exciting thing is cooking. Employees and family members have made their own specialties, Xinjiang pot chicken, pineapple chicken, braised fish, tomato scrambled eggs, pepper scrambled eggs, potato silk, red radish, shredded cabbage, cucumber melon, Green vegetables, color, flavor and taste. The strength of the team is the most powerful. We work together in divisions of labor, washing vegetables, chopping vegetables, and cooking. In less than an hour, Two tables dishes are ready. As soon as they were released, they were swept away and everyone was full of praise.

Family friendship activities have established a platform for mutual communication between family members and company employees so that families can be more assured and supportive of our work. At the same time, we can work more comfortably which serve two purposes.

The success of this event depends on the joint efforts and support of everyone. Give thanks to the company and give thanks to our family.


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