One of the most commonly used and important tools in hospitals is the oxygen monitoring sensor, which is a device that measures and records the oxygen level in the blood. The article discusses how an oxygen monitor sensor works and the features of Saftty’s oxygen monitor sensors.

The Function of Oxygen Monitor Sensors


An instrument to measure the oxygen content of the atmosphere is an oxygen monitor sensor. The sensor uses an electrochemical method to determine the air’s oxygen concentration. When the sensor notices low oxygen levels, it sends a signal to the user warning them of the amount of oxygen that is running low.


The features of Saftty’s Oxygen Monitor Sensor, taking the AO-09 as an example


Saftty’s oxygen monitor sensor is model number AO-09. An oxygen sensor component specifically designed for oxygen analyzers, the AO-09 medical oxygen sensor can be used in oxygen generator control devices, medical ventilators, anesthesia equipment, and other equipment to detect the oxygen concentration in a breathing gas mixture.

  1. Adhere to precise and dependable medical equipment usage guidelines.
  2. Full-scale linear output; the sensor doesn’t need an external power source to function.
  3. Consistent signal production and quick reaction.
  4. Powerful interference-resistance
  5. Prolonged lifespan


Why choose Saftty?


With a research and development unit in Guangzhou, Saftty has access to a number of engineers with more than ten years of R&D expertise. Saftty is committed to developing a professional platform for the sales, service, and technical support of sensing technologies in order to offer customers complete solutions for a range of issues.


Saftty adheres to strict quality control standards and offers trustworthy sensor products to consumers. The US, Germany, and Japan are the three countries from which all electrical raw materials are sourced. We strictly adhere to the requirements for gaining ISO 9001 quality system certification for quality management. CQC, UL, TUV, and VDE are a few of these certifications.


Saftty provides customers with efficient and thoughtful service. Throughout the production process, we will keep clients informed by communicating with them. Our technicians can also assist customers with technical issues such as product usage, testing and selection. For fast delivery, we also keep a large stock of standard models on hand.




It’s crucial to use oxygen monitor sensors from reliable manufacturers because they are useful in fields like the medical sector. Customers hold Saftty in high respect as a reliable supplier of sensors.


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