Saftty, which was founded in 2008, has focused on the study and creation of thermal protectors and has created a range of compact thermal protectors. To stop overheating in-home equipment, battery packs, motors, water pumps, fans, and other electric heating appliances all use Saftty methods. 

What is the Saftty Thermal Protector?


The Saftty thermal protection aids in preventing overheating of electrical equipment. The Saftty Thermal Protector is a reliable instrument that aids in preventing overheating and damage to the user’s equipment.


Features of the Saftty Thermal Protector


Saftty Thermal Protector is a safe device that guards against overheating in electrical equipment. The Saftty Thermal Protector is a top-notch safety product thanks to a number of features.

The first benefit is that it may be connected to a variety of electrical devices, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

Second, because of its improved sealing, the Saftty Thermal Protector may prevent product failure during the vacuum dipping process.

Third, the Saftty Thermal Protector is quick and simple to attach.

The Saftty Thermal Protector also has precise temperature control. The capacity to precisely control temperature is essential to the performance of thermal protectors. The exact temperature control feature of the Saftty thermal protection is what distinguishes it from other products.


The Saftty Company and the Future

The Saftty Company is a company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of micro thermal protectors. It believes that its micro thermal protectors are the perfect solution for a variety of applications. The company plans to continue expanding its product line and making sure that each product delivered meets the high standards set by its customers


For overheat and over-current protection, Saffty specializes in R&D and manufactures a variety of micro thermal protectors that are widely used in battery packs, electric motors, water pumps, fans, transformers, coils, and windings as well as portable power tools, electric heating appliances, and home appliances. The name “SAFTTY” (short for safety technology) stands for offering customers safe products, giving employees a secure work environment, and giving shareholders consistent investment returns.



The risk of electrical equipment overheating is not unexpected in the modern world, and placing Saftty thermal protectors on electrical equipment is a good way to reduce these risks. These thermal guards guarantee that customers’ electronics remain secure and cool by preventing overheating.


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