Bimetal is the temperature-sensing element in the Saftty’s thermal protection kind of thermostat. When the electrical device is functioning normally, the contact of the thermal protector is in a typically open or normally closed-free condition. The pertinent details of Saftty’s thermal protector will be covered in this article, enabling you to make an informed choice.



What details of the information should you be aware of?


When an electrical appliance has been running for an excessively long time or has a problem that causes the temperature to rise to the operating temperature set by the protector, the bimetal sheet will react quickly in response to the internal stress created by the heat to effectively disconnect or connect the circuit. This has an impact on temperature regulation to some extent.


When the electrical appliance cools and recovers to the set-reset temperature, the thermal protector’s contacts will automatically close or open and restore normal operation.


Thermal protectors made by Saftty are a typical part of air conditioners, electric heaters, motors, and other electronic devices.


Two Types of Thermal Protectors from Saftty 


Nothing is more important than a thermal protector when it comes to thermal protection. Saftty’s thermal protectors employ a range of techniques to stop user equipment from overheating and safeguard against self-damaging equipment. Thermal protection is offered at Saftty in a wide range of styles.


The ST06 series thermal protector is compact and sensitive, with a reliable seal. The protector functions within a temperature range of 60 to 250 degrees and a maximum operating voltage of 500VAC. The ST06 series has dimensions of 10mm in diameter and 6.7mm in height.


The ST07 series thermal protector features a long product lifespan, waterproof and anti-vacuum paint design, automatic equipment comprehensive temperature inspection, and compatibility with equipment including fractional horsepower motors, transformers, battery packs, and other devices.




For instance, Saftty sells the ST06 and ST07 series thermal protectors if you require them. Get some thermal protection for your equipment. Saftty, a 2008 business, has invested around 15 years in research and development (R&D) and manufacturing thermal protectors. Saftty’s solutions are utilized in battery packs, motors, water pumps, fans, and other electric heating appliances to prevent equipment from overheating.


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