AM1011A-Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Communication Line


Key Benefits:

•  Excellent long-term stability


General Information:

AM1011A analog temperature and humidity module is a have already calibrated analog signal output of the temperature and humidity sensor, the sensor signals using analog voltage loss, out of the way; This module has high precision, high reliability, good consistency, and with temperature compensation, ensure the long-term stability is good, easy to use and high performance, especially suitable for the quality, cost, more demanding enterprise to use.


It can be widely used in consumer electronics, medical, automotive, industrial, meteorological and other fields, such as: HVAC, dehumidifiers and refrigerators and other home appliances, testing and testing equipment and other related temperature and humidity detection and control products.


Technical Parameter:


Typical accuracy (% RH) ± 3
Operating range (% RH) 0 to 100
Humi response time(s) 8
Typical accuracy (%) NTC± 1 
Operating range (°C) -40~80 
Temp response time(s) 6
Supply voltage(V) 4.75~5.5


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