On the afternoon of September 12, we had a warm and happy “birthday party.” The two birthday stars born in September and all colleagues gathered together to eat cakes, fruits and snacks to share the joy of birthday.
For everyone, birthday is a trace and record of life growth. As a youth, or step into middle age, birthday should be a ceremonial life festival. In order to give employees better communication opportunities, SAFTTY held “birthday party” for colleagues who have birthdays in the month. This has become part of SAFTTY’s corporate culture and has been warmly welcomed by everyone.
SAFTTY is a big family, and always make us feel the warmth of home from the subtle point. The “birthday party” was short, but warm. At this moment, everyone gathered together, not only for the trace of their growth in the past year, but also for the sweet opening of the year they will come.


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