The AHT20 sensor is a high-end humidity and temperature sensor designed specifically for humidification, dehumidification, and temperature control applications. The AHT20 sensor has an operating range of -40 ~ + 85 °C, making it easily compatible with a wide variety of systems and applications, including air conditioning machines and HVAC.


AHT20 Temperature and Humidity Sensor for Humidity Control is a small, low-power, humidity sensor that can be used to control the humidity of indoor environments. It features an onboard microcontroller and a temperature sensor, allowing it to work as a standalone or plug-and-play device.

How does it work?

The AHT20 sensor measures the ambient temperature and humidity in the room and sends these measurements wirelessly to the app or website that you set up. If either of those conditions reaches a preset limit, the AHT sensor will send an alert to your phone or computer.

Taking AHT20 Integrated Temperature and Humidity Sensor as an example

AHT20 is equipped with a newly designed ASIC dedicated chip, an improved MEMS semiconductor capacitive humidity sensor element, and a standard on-chip temperature sensor element, which has been improved to make their performance more stable in harsh environments. Due to improvements and miniaturization of the sensor, it is more cost-effective, and ultimately all devices will benefit from cutting-edge energy-saving operation modes.

Benefits of the AHT20 Integrated Temperature and Humidity Sensor include:

  • Complete calibration
  • Digital output, I2C interface
  • Superior long-term stability
  • Reflow-solderable SMD package
  • Quick reaction and potent anti-jamming ability

Applications of this AHT20 sensor

The AHT20 temperature and humidity sensor is a versatile device that can be used for a variety of applications. One example is humidity control in air conditioning and heating systems. Other applications for the AHT sensor include monitoring climate conditions, inspection equipment, consumer products, automobiles, automatic control, data loggers, weather stations, and more.

The AHT20 sensor measures ambient temperature and relative humidity, allowing it to provide accurate readings even in low-light conditions. This information can then be used to adjust system settings as needed.


Saftty‘s AHT20 sensor has the above functions and is very reliable for users. Saftty has nearly 15 years of experience in sensor research and development and has professional R&D and manufacturing capabilities for sensors. Additionally, you can use our sensors with complete assurance of their quality.


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