As air pollution continues to plague our cities and homes, the need for effective air purifiers has become more urgent than ever. And at the heart of these devices lies one critical component – industrial gas sensors. But what exactly are these sensors, and how do they help keep our indoor air clean and safe? In this blog post, we’ll dive into the functionality of Saftty’s industrial gas sensor for air purifiers, exploring its unique features and benefits that make it a crucial tool in the fight against indoor pollution. So sit back, relax, and let’s get started!

Functions of an Industrial Gas Sensor


An industrial gas sensor (IGS) is a type of MEMS gas sensor with calibrated digital signal output. IGSs are typically used in air purifiers to monitor the concentration of specific gases, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), and sulfur dioxide (SO2). The IGS can provide real-time concentrations or history data for these pollutants, making it an important component of air purifier management.


The IGS uses a sensing element that responds to the presence of specific gases. The sensing element is housed in a small, lightweight package that can be easily mounted on an air purifier’s filter assembly. When a gas molecule comes into contact with the sensing element, it causes a change in resistance. This change in resistance is measurable and can be used to generate a digital signal that can be processed by the air purifier’s controller to determine the concentration of the gas being monitored.


Since an IGS uses individual sensors to detect different gases, each one must be properly calibrated before it can be used in an air purifier. Calibration involves testing the sensor’s response to known concentrations of various gases and ensuring that the readings are accurate over a wide range of concentrations. Once calibration is complete, an IGS can provide accurate readings for any gas present in the environment.


Advantages of an Industrial Gas Sensor in Air Purifiers


An industrial gas sensor is a device that monitors the level of industrial gases in an air purifier. The advantages of using an industrial gas sensor in an air purifier are many. First, the sensor is low cost and good long-term stability. Second, the sensor has super-fast response, high sensitivity, fast response and recovery time. Third, the sensor has a long service life. Fourth, the signal transmission distance is very long. Fifth, the digital signal output is accurate and can be used to calibrate other devices.




Saftty‘s industrial gas sensor is an essential part of any air purifier, and understanding its functionality is key to ensuring your system operates at its best. By knowing these details, you can ensure that your system is operating as it should and reducing potential problems before they become serious.


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