High Current Motor Thermal Protectors for Electrical Tools and Machines

Nowadays, most of the tools people use in their daily routines are powered by electricity. However, due to the development of economy and technology, electrical equipment of machinery has a lot of kinds, and the output is greatly improved. Through the development, defects also increase. Many accidents are caused by overheating and over-current to seriously damage the money and the human body. As a result, people think highly of motor thermal protectors for electrical tools and machines.

Overheating and Over-current Are the Common Issues for Powerful Electrical Tools and Machines

Powerful electrical tools and machines are easy to be heated up. Many reasons can be responsible for heating the electrical tools and machines. There are some common reasons as below:

  • The load is too big, and the system of the machines is unable to bear such a heavy load
  • The voltage of the machines is too high
  • The windings insulation is poor, and there is poor ventilation in the machine room
  • If the airflow is not so smooth, it can lead to heat dissipation efficiency loss
  • There are dust, moisture, and other impurities in the air that affect the insulation performance of the equipment and cause overheating of machines

Why Do You Choose the High Current Motor Thermal Protectors?

Electric motor thermal protection can play a vital role in helping to prevent motor burnout and failure because it automatically shuts down the motor when it reaches its highest temperature. In other words, thermal protectors play a huge role in helping to prevent further damage.

However, high current motor thermal protectors are better than the fuse and the ordinary thermal protector. It has a larger surge capacity to protect the motor, especially in the case of a short circuit of several times more than the rated voltage. Its function is to prevent the motor from being burned out by too much heat, which is an important component for your machine to work properly. The high current motor thermal protector also has longer lifetimes and higher breaking capacity than ordinary motor thermal protectors. So, it’s easy to see why high current motor thermal protectors are becoming an increasingly popular option for residential and commercial use.

ST10 Series Motor Thermal Protector and Its Features

Manufactured by Saftty, the ST10 Series motor thermal protector is one of the most popular high current motor thermal protectors in the market.

1.Is a Thermal Protector, Both Current and Temperature-Sensitive

ST10 series is a thermal protector with both overheating protection and precise control of current overload. It effectively prevents damage to high-power motors due to excessive current or high temperatures. It is a very safe and effective solution to protect your equipment from being damaged as it monitors both temperature and current simultaneously, a combination most other protectors don’t have.

2.Temperature Protection

The ST10 series allows precise control of the temperature of the appliance. When the current through the bimetal reed is too high, and the temperature around the thermal protector becomes too high, its bimetal reed breaks, and the appliance is protected. When the thermal protector cools down to a safe temperature, the contacts are automatically closed and reset.

3.Current Protection

The auxiliary heating piece in the ST10 series combined with the bimetal has the function of precisely controlling the jump-off time of the overload current. When a high-power appliance experiences an excessive current or a blocking current exceeding the jump-off value set by the thermal protector, the protector can instantly cut off the circuit and protect the appliance. Its unique design helps in reducing the standard motor failure rate and failure cost by early detection of overheating conditions.

The ST10 current sensor detects the load current at a fast-responding speed to detect an abnormally high load. It is highly accurate in detecting tripping-off time and can be used as over-current protection for electric motors and tools. This motor thermal protector switch is suitable for electrical tools, mixers, water pumps, cleaners, electric motors, and other motors up to 125VAC/28A, 250VAC/18A, 48VDC/35A. In addition, ST10 Series Motor Protector has been designed for long service life and high reliability.

The Company Behind ST10

Saftty is one of the leading suppliers of motor thermal protectors sensors solutions globally. For over 15 years, the company has been developing thermal solutions for overheating and over-current protection.

Its products offer excellent protection against over-current, short-circuit, low-voltage, and overload conditions. Most importantly, the product range has been designed to be highly reliable, which means that the probability of overheating occurring is minimal, even in extreme situations.


If you want to protect your motors or other electric tools, ST10 is a quality solution. It has safety features, including overheating and over-current protection, leading to a fire in the motors when not using the protector.

Saftty, the company behind ST10, has many years of experience and their goal of making safety a top priority; because their products meet the safety standards required by most countries around the globe. Safety measures are always important and a must in any home or industrial setting.


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