On January 18, 2020, Baoying Saftty Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. grandly held a party with the theme of “Seize the day and never lose the time” at BAOYING Five Qiongjiang Hotel. Our General Manager Mr. Zhu made an important speech. He summarized the achievements made in the previous year, put forward new goals and requirements for the coming year, presented awards to outstanding employees, and toasted all employees to a happy Chinese New Year!

The party went on in laughter. Everyone showed their talents one after another. Lottery and red envelope activities were interspersed in dance, singing and games, with bursts of applause and cheers from time to time. Finally, the party ended with the singing of “unforgettable tonight” by all the staff of the company. It was an unforgettable oath of unity, progress and victory.

I wish Saftty to be more and more prosperous in the new year.


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