SAFTTY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. held a quarterly staff award conference on the afternoon of September 29, 2021, with the theme of “igniting positive energy and detonating the small universe”, which was awarded to employees who had outstanding performance in their work. The award conference was presided over by the Human Resources Department, SAFTTY’s electronic staff to participate.



In order to better stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, create a positive atmosphere, in accordance with the requirements of the company’s reward system, this quarter selected a gold medal and four silver medals of honored employees, honored by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Ministry of Internal Trade of four colleagues, one of whom received two silver medals in the quarter.

On the afternoon of the ceremony, the staff room was filled with a variety of exquisite afternoon teas, aroma-filled champagne, a stirring music, a relaxed and lively atmosphere opened the prelude to the conference. At the conference HR little sister for everyone to tell you about the honor and evaluation of the way. Subsequently, by the general manager Mr. Zhu Jun to share, review the past work, affirmed the achievements of everyone, preached the company to give the encouragement of the awards, each honor is in the ordinary post to take up the post of labor grievances, hard work, with a strong sense of responsibility and quality service has won the recognition and praise of all the company’s staff. Finally, Mr. Zhu Jun, General Manager, presented medals and prizes to the honorees.

The awarding ceremony ended successfully in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, and Mr. Zhu took a group photo with the award-winning team and individuals. In the future, the company will continue to carry out the awarding and selection activities as a key task for a long time and create a positive working atmosphere. It is believed that through the joint efforts of all employees, Ande Electronics will advance to a new level.


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