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Why Saftty

2008, Guangzhou Saftty Electronic Technology Co., Limited was established, at the same year, a factory was invested and setted up in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province.

2011, Established a factory in Xinzao, Panyu, Guangzhou.

2013, Established second factory in Yangzhou.

Saftty is a member of National Technical Standards Committee, patented more than 10 national inventions.

Saftty specializes in R&D and manufacturing all kinds of thermal protectors which are widely used in battery packs, motors, pumps, ballasts, transformers, coil, winding, portable power tools, electric heating appliances and home appliances for the over heat and over current protection. The brand “SAFTTY” (short for safety technology) means: providing safe products to customers; providing secure working environment to staffs; and providing steady investment return to shareholders.

Saftty has set up the test laboratory in Guangzhou and with engineers more than 15 years’ R&D experiences and a group of high-quality salesman, production management and technical support personnel providing total solutions of overheat and over-current protection to customers.

Saftty strictly controls the quality of thermal motor protector and offer safe and reliable temperature control products to customers. Electronic materials are all imported from the United States, Germany and Japan. We strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 system. Saftty thermal protector have approval of CQC, UL, TUV and VDE certification.

We provide fast and expert service to customers that we require standard samples to be sent out intraday and customized samples to be sent out within one week. The delivery time for large order is two weeks. During the production period, we will keep in touch with customer and let them know the progress. Meanwhile, we have large stock for regular models for timely shipment. Together with the salesman, we also have technicians who provide tech support such as model selection, product usage and test for customers.

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Development Path


Dec 08


Factory area expanded to 4000 square meters, the total number of employees reached 170 people.

Dec 08


Guangzhou office moved to Energy-Saving science & technology park,office area more than 400m².

Feb 25


Mass production of improved small size product BW-E series

Jan 25


SAFTTY won the title of National High-tech Enterprise

Feb 25


Guangzhou factory moved to Yangzhou Baoying factory

Jun 25


Successfully developed ST06 high current round shape thermal protector

Sep 25


Guangzhou factory obtained IS09001 system certification

Sep 25


Established Yangzhou Baoying factory, mainly producing BW-B series thermal protector which is a replacement of Korean products

Apr 25


Become a member of the National Standardization Technical Committee for Household Automatic Controllers and participate in the formulation of national standards

Jan 25


ST01 series was successfully developed

Mar 09


Saftty Electronic Technology Co., Limited Guangzhou company was established

Company Environment

R&D Strength

Our chief designer Mr. Yin Xiangqian set foot in electronic product design from 1998 and has initiated and been part of new product research and development for over 100 items and has applied for more than 80 patents. Mr. Yin joined Saftty in 2008 and began design career for thermal protector. During the past five years, under the leadership of Mr. Yin, the R&D team has developed more than 10 new models of thermal protectors and has been patented 7 national inventions.

Saftty’s R&D team is small but brightest. The most encouraging thing was Mr. Zhu Jiehua joined us in 2011. Mr. Zhu was the engineer of the Guangzhou Wanbao which was first production enterprise for thermal protector in China. Mr. Zhu involved in the introduction of whole sets of German automation equipment and having years of experience in Germany made product technology.

In 2011, Saftty released ST01 which is the first in domestic to break the monopoly of similar model from Germany companies. Saftty follows standards of manufacturing high quality products of most reliability and consistency by way of integrating global supply chain resources, structural design boost, material utilitarian and so on and new technology introduction from other industry.

In consideration of design reliability and installation reliability at the beginning of project development, we take priority to use parts and components from preferred suppliers and problem finding through small-scale test and pilot production. We process to analysis of failure patterns to find and solve problems in advance.

Saftty began a five-year plan for new product research and development from 2011. 2011: Model BW-D series small size thermal protector, Model ST01 thermal protector; 2012: Super thin 2.5mm model ST01-S; model ST01-H with PTC self-hold; 2013: super thin 1.5mm model ST03; model ST04 with large rated current of 20A; 2014: super small size model ST05; super thin 1.15mm model ST02; 2015: ST06 with rated current of 10A; thermal protector for compressor.

More and more masterpieces with be released from Saftty and let’s witness our growing and improvement.

Quality Control

Make it better and better!

Our quality guideline are continuous improvement, make it better and better! In order to achieve the non-performing rate control target of 50 PPM (parts per million), we have the bellow six systems to control the product failure rate.

A Material Selection and Identification

B Customer Requirement Analysis

C Assembly Relibaility Management

D PDM System

E Failure Analysis Management

F Reliability Design Management

① CHKLIST and CBB evaluation and incentive management system

② Reliability evaluation and project management system

③ Product design training

④ Technics design training

⑤ CHKLIST set up

⑥ Testing report template

⑦ Design report template

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