Transformers, whether they’re made of metal or not, are prone to overheating and failing. However, there are steps you can take to ensure the longevity of your transformer by using the right kind of thermal protector. In this blog article, we’ll take a look at Saftty thermal protector which is specifically designed for transformers.


What is the purpose of a thermal protector for transformer?

A thermal protector for transformers is a must-have device for any business that uses transformers to power equipment. Transformers can experience high temperatures due to the electrical current running through them, and if not protected, this heat can cause damage to the transformer and potentially lead to a fire.

Recommendations of ST01 and ST06 Series For Transformers

The two most popular thermal overload switches made by Safety are ST01 & ST06, which are intended to guard transformers from overheating and other kinds of overloads while they’re in use. UL, TUV, and CQC certifications were obtained. In addition to being highly reliable, they are also small and simple to install.

To protect the transformer from harm, they are built to cut off electricity when the temperature exceeds a predetermined level. They can be used in commercial and industrial settings because of their rated open temperature range of 60 to 180 degrees Celsius and reset temperatures of 35 to 150 and 35 to 110 degrees Celsius, respectively. Moreover, ST01 & ST06 have a well-sealed design that can guard against product failure due to the vacuum impregnation process.

The thermal overload sensors ST01 and ST06 provide great accuracy and precise temperature control. Their metal-cased motor thermal overload switch, which has high thermal conductivity and temperature sensitivity, can withstand up to 50 kg of coil-shaping pressure.

There is no current-based thermal effect, which can be problematic for transformers that are sensitive to it. They are solely temperature-action products, with accurate temperature control and no thermal or current effects on the bimetal sheet. Because of their high compressive strength, these electric motor thermal overload switches can endure more stresses than other switches. Electric motors, transformers, and coils are only a few of the many uses where they have been tried and true.


For almost 15 years, Saftty has offered the best goods and services. To monitor the temperature, humidity, or flow rate, we have a wide range of sensors and thermal protectors available. Our goods are created using cutting-edge technology and put through rigorous testing by qualified engineers.


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